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It is clear that the U.S. political system is broken, which is preventing us from addressing critical problems. I agree with the Vision of the FixUS initiative, which is uniting Americans in a shared concern over the divided state of our country. Read the Vision at and join if you agree.

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FixUS Vision


FixUS is a group of Americans united in shared concern over the divided state of our country. We believe that healing these divisions is our highest national priority, and essential to preparing our nation to face the defining challenges of the 21st century. 


The American experiment is among the most remarkable and improbable achievements in human history. Yet today that experiment may be at risk. Our political leaders are neither willing nor able to achieve compromise on a range of pressing issues. Washington is focused on short-term fixes instead of long-term solutions, and both parties put partisanship over progress. Incivility has come to rule our political discourse, inside Washington and across the country.


It doesn’t have to be this way. FixUS believes Americans must demand more of the leaders and institutions – political, economic, and civic – that increasingly have failed to earn our trust. We stand for change that will open our politics to fresh ideas and new participants, open the doors of the middle class to all hard working Americans, and bring Americans together in harmony instead of acrimony to create a new agenda for the 21st century. 


The reality is we can ill-afford to wait. As long as the current state of affairs continues, we will neglect pressing challenges and opportunities, from our national debt, to preparing our children for an ever more competitive environment, to the rise of new global economic and military competitors. If we don’t face up to the fundamental problem of fixing our system, we have little hope of surmounting others. 


At FixUS, we envision an America that:

  • Restores faith in our politics through a more open system in Washington, one that rewards progress over partisanship and is more representative of, and responsive to, the American public;
  • Restores faith that Americans who play by the rules can get ahead, by addressing the root causes of income disparities, economic immobility, and persistent economic insecurity in the richest nation on Earth, and;
  • Restores Americans’ faith in one another and our collective ability to solve problems and create an ever more inclusive, free and prosperous nation.

If you’re fed up with political dysfunction and hyper-partisanship and want to see Americans and our leaders move forward through dialogue, compromise, and mutual respect, sign on to FixUS and be part of advancing this vision.  Join FixUS.